First Dance Etiquette

“Manners maketh man.”

And there are very few places where your manners are more on display that at your wedding! We know you know all about how to use which fork for the salad course and which grandparent needs to enter first, but do you know proper etiquette for your first dance? Here’s our quick guide:


Before you start your dance, be sure that you ask your lady to dance by escorting her onto the floor (or to wherever you plan to start your dance). This is the perfect time to pretend you’re a Disney prince and your bride is Cinderella. Chivalry isn’t dead, guys! Extend your hand to her as she is seated, let her take your hand, and proudly bring her to the dance floor. Once you finish your dance, it’s semi-customary for the father-daughter dance to come next. Escort her to over to her dad and offer her hand to him for their dance. We promise you’ll get brownie points from your new father-in-law!


Etiquette advice for you is short and sweet. Let your gentleman approach you and invite you to dance, and as you finish your dance, gracefully accept all cheers and applause. Don’t feel like you have to rush off of the floor straight away!

Most importantly of all however, make sure you have fun and put your love for each other on full display. Happy dancing!

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