Finding Your First Dance Song

Are you and your fiancé thinking about which song should be THE song? For some couples, this is an easy choice. Maybe it was playing as he proposed, or maybe it was your favorite on romantic date nights. But for most couples, finding the perfect first dance song isn’t always quite so obvious. So how to choose? Here’s our guide to picking your definitive first dance song.


The first step to picking your song is to ask yourself this question: How do you want to feel while dancing your wedding dance?  Classy, with a dash of romance? Sexy and understated? Casual and fun? Identifying how you want to feel will make it easier to filter through different songs. Immediately discount songs that don’t create the mood that you want to feel.


Once you’ve picked your mood, start looking at tempo. How fast or slow your song is will dictate how comfortable you feel doing the fun moves you learn for your dance. Try moving to a few songs: Do they feel incredibly slow or or uncomfortably fast? If so, you might want to think about picking something else or adapting your steps to fit the extreme tempo.


Does the song “fit” with you and your fiancé? Do you like the words? If you like a song, make sure to do a little research to ensure there aren’t any surprises in the lyrics that could make you re-think the meaning of the song. A great example of this is Marry You by BrunoMars. Super cute song, but some people are surprised but the verse that says it’s ok if the bride wants to get an annulment after the wedding night. Uh oh! So don’t forget to read those lyrics and make sure you both like what the song itself is saying.


Finally, make sure the song feels like it belongs to both of you! Don’t force a song on to your fiancé if it’s not their cup of tea, this should be a collaborative choice. After all, you first dance is something the two of you will never forget, so make sure you both cherish the memory when that song plays.

Thanks for reading through our guide on picking your first dance song! And don’t forget, it’s ok to start learning your first dance with before you pick that special song. Our lessons are designed to fit to virtually any song that you could pick for your first dance. Happy Dancing!


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