We have never danced before, can we really learn at home online? 

Absolutely! Our first dance lessons are created with complete beginners in mind and take you through every step in detail in order to create a beautiful first dance. Simply put, if you can walk then you can learn to dance with EasyFirstDance! 

How long will it take for us to learn our first dance?

EasyFirstDance allows you to learn at your own pace! Once you have selected a program, your videos will be available to you right up until your big day. So whether you choose to learn one step a month or cram them all in the night before, your lessons will be there for you.  However, for the most relaxed and enjoyable learning experience possible, our professional recommendation is to give yourselves more time as opposed to leaving it to the last minute.

Do we need a lot of space?

Nope! The steps and moves taught by our professional wedding dance instructors are designed to fit into any size of floor of space.  That means the different combinations of our steps shown in your lessons will give you the flexibility to look and feel amazing on any floor size!  

We don’t have a song picked out yet, should we start learning anyway? 

Most definitely! All the content within our lessons has been specifically chosen to work with virtually any piece of music you could choose for your first dance.  We’ve also found that the earlier our couples start getting used to dancing together, the better they feel on the day. Still looking for that perfect song? Check out our list of top wedding songs on our blog!

How much do the online lessons cost?

The Essential First Dance package gives couples everything they need for a beautiful, confident, and memorable first dance for just $149, fully inclusive. The Essential First Dance Package PLUS is the perfect option for couples who want an extra professional touch and is just $299, fully inclusive.

Will my photographer get good pictures of our dance?

Yes! We chose our steps specifically with photography in mind so your pictures will be something you can look back on and cherish, not cringe at. From a beautiful entrance to the EasyFirstDance Perfect Dip, you’ll have plenty of picture perfect moments to enjoy.

Why are you so much more affordable than my local studio? 

That’s easy. When you choose EasyFirstDance.com to help you get ready for your big day, you are getting studio quality instruction at a fraction of the price because the cost of your lesson is going solely to learning, and not to pay for studio floor fees, rent, light, etc. Being online means that we can pass our savings on to you, instead off padding the cost of our lessons like physical studios have to do.  

Can I watch my lessons anywhere? 

Yes! If you have internet access, you can dance together. Our lessons are available 24 hours a day through our Members Log In Portal on any on mobile, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. Want to practice on a romantic rooftop or on a picnic in the park? Do it! With EasyFirstDance.com, you control your schedule and location for learning. No set appointments to miss or get stuck in traffic!


Due to the Current Pandemic, We Are Offering Our Couples 30% Off Our Essential First Dance Program.