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Welcome to the stress-free and affordable way to your perfect first dance! Feel comfortable and confident on your big day with our easy wedding dance video courses, starting at just $149.

How Does This Work?

Everyone needs a first dance. But not everyone has the time, schedule flexibility, or the room in their budget for long, in-person wedding dance lessons that can run you over $1500! That’s more than the average bride’s dress!! So that’s where we come in!

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Learn How to Dance

Learn how to dance to your wedding song, at your pace, using our lessons.

Access your program videos whenever and wherever you want.

Wedding Time

Enjoy your perfect first dance, stress free.  And with extra money in your pocket to spend on that honeymoon!

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Your Easy First Dance

Why learn your first dance using our programs?

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The average price of a wedding dress in the US is $1000. The average cost of a wedding venue is $6000! So why would you want to spend over $1500 on time-consuming, in-person dance lessons when you can get convenient, identical online lessons for just $150?

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Learn at your pace, in the comfort of your home, apartment, park, romantic rooftop… you get the picture. Take all the time you need, or feel free to cram all your lessons in the night before, it’s up to you! Our lessons are easy to follow and available wherever and whenever you want them to be

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Our step-by-step programs will make sure you feel confident to have the first dance you’ve always dreamed about with your new spouse on your big day. And nothing is easier than being able to click pause or rewind when you need to practice a step!

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No loud, crowded studios, no one judging your progress as you learn, just you and your special someone learning a romantic dance with no interruptions. Bring some wine and it’s a date night!


"So we’re stuck at home (thanks coronavirus), but I found EasyFirstDance and I love it! Everything for our wedding has been put on hold but at least we can learn our first dance together. We bought The Essential, really good value."
Madison B.
Due to the Current Pandemic, We Are Offering Our Couples 30% Off Our Essential First Dance Program.